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Update on Higaonna Sensei from the IOGKF Chief Instructor

January 27, 2015

Dear IOGKF Members,

Higaonna Sensei would like to thank everyone for their support. His physical condition improves every day and the doctors are pleased with his progress. He appreciates all the prayers, good wishes and positive energy that have been sent to him from all over the world. He is in high spirits and getting stronger every day.
If you would like to send a 'get well' message to Higaonna Sensei, please email it to this address: . admin@iogkf.com

Tetsuji Nakamura



Miyagi Chojun Festival 2015 (MCF2015)
with Morio Higaonna Sensei
Burlington, Ontario
June 11 - 14 2015


IOGKF Canada 13th Friendship Tournament
Whitby, Ontario
Saturday April 26th, 2014


Christmas 2014 & New Year 2015 Greetings
from across the globe

IOGKF New Generation

At the Chief Instructors' meeting during the 6th World Budosai in Okinawa, Morio Higaonna Sensei announced his retirement from the position of IOGKF World Chief Instructor, and appointed Tetsuji Nakamura Sensei as the new IOGKF World Chief Instructor, and Sensei Ernie Molyneux and Sensei Henrik Larsen as new Vice Chief Instructors.

Although Higaonna Sensei will no longer be a part of the organizational matters, he will be overlooking the IOGKF as the Supreme Master (Saiko Shihan). He will still travel and teach at international gasshuku such as the Chief Instructor Gasshuku, the European Gasshuku, the North American Gasshuku (MCF), the Euro-Asian Gasshuku, etc.

- Messages from the World IOGKF members -

- Please see following link for the detail list of New IOGKF Structure. New IOGKF Structure -

- Please send your message for either Higaonna Sensei or Nakamura Sensei to admin@iogkf.com -

Message from the new
IOGKF World Chief Instructor

It is a great honour that I was appointed as the World Chief Instructor of IOGKF. At the same time, I feel the great responsibility that comes with being chosen as a leader for my generation.

The IOGKF was established in 1979 by Morio Higaonna Sensei to preserve traditional Goju-Ryu which was handed down from the founder, Chojun Miyagi Sensei. Higaonna Sensei and many senior IOGKF instructors such as Sensei Bakkies Laubscher, Kazuo Terauchi Sensei, the late Sensei Leon Pantanowitz and more, have worked hard to build the IOGKF we have now.

I believe that the IOGKF is the best karate organization in the world. We are not the biggest, but we have a very high quality of karate as our main focus is the quality, not quantity. Also, we have a great relationship among our members. It is Higaonna Sensei’s humanity that created such a wonderful relationship and atmosphere among our members, a fine balance and mixture of family atmosphere and respect.

Higaonna Sensei commented in his greeting at the World Budosai, “It is important for the development of Okinawa Goju-ryu to trust in the next generation and pass the responsibility on to them. I believe this is the time”.

I am still young and still have a lot to learn as a karate-ka as well as a person. However, I am not alone. Sensei Ernie Molyneux and Sensei Henrik Larsen are with me as Vice Chief Instructors. I have Sensei Bakkies Laubscher and Kazuo Terauchi Sensei as technical advisors. I have many fine instructors in my generation that I can call as friends, brothers and sisters. Together, I believe that we can carry on the legacy to the next generation.

I commit myself to spend my whole life to preserve traditional Goju-ryu and to do my best to further develop the IOGKF. I would humbly like to ask for your support.

July 2012

Tetsuji Nakamura
IOGKF Chief Instructor

- Messages from the World IOGKF members -

- Please send your message for either Higaonna Sensei or Nakamura Sensei to admin@iogkf.com





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